Florida Termination of Parental Rights Attorney

Dependency proceedings arise when the State has determined that a child or children will suffer irreparable harm due to child abuse unless the State intervenes. The State may or may not remove the children from the parents or custodians, depending on the severity of the allegations made against the parents or custodians. The State’s goal is to resolve the situation giving rise to the allegations and return the children to the parents or custodian. This is accomplished by the parents completing a Case Plan given by the State, which typically include an in depth parenting course, proven ability to maintain a stable household, and maintain employment. The Case Plan may address any other issues such as domestic violence, counseling, anger management and drug or alcohol addiction.

If the children can not be returned to the parents, the case will be referred to as a Florida Termination of Parental Rights case. As a Florida parental rights attorney, our office will ensure that your legal rights are represented. We assist with father’s rights in Florida and mother’s rights in every legal way available.

Our family law firm advocates for the parents and ensures the State is doing everything it is required to do to facilitate a reunification between the child and parent. Our firm will also assist grandparents in maintaining contact with the children who have been removed from their parent’s care.